look good feel good. its time for you to shine

Look good, feel good
This is what I have been living by the past 9 months. I started fresh when I moved to a new city and there was a new found freedom in caring about my health. I started getting in a structured workout routine in the gym and entered the journey. A couple months into the journey I started eating Kael and all kinds of nutrients rich foods. This was a big step that was extraordinary for me.
A couple months later I started running and before I knew it I started calling myself a runner. I was setting new personal records in the gym and outside the gym.
Earlier in life exercising, more specifically lifting weights, helped me get out of a depression. I do not believe it was the ability to look at myself in the mirror and see results, but it was the act of putting my body in motion. The way to recover emotion is to put the body in motion. This is where the phrase look good feel good comes from. I found that exercising makes me feel good. There are times where I could not rely on exercising though and needed to have other things that helped me feel good. For most of my life I did not know what it was that helped me feel good. When I felt bad I turned to my sport of hockey to express the way I was feeling in life. For a long period this was the only thing that I knew that made me feel good, but I have discovered there are more.
I believe we need to know what makes us feel good and it can not be just one or two things, but there needs to be many. More precisely 25, but I understand if not that many can be named right away. Number a sheet of paper or a word document and make this list right now. Here is a template if you need one to get started


Ready set go!

We want to express the way we feel. A physical manifestation of what is going on inside. If we hold back what is happening inside then we do not feel natural, we do not feel authentic, we do not feel us. If we do not feel like we can be who we are freely then we will not feel good. There may be many road blocks and hurdles you have to get through to get to this point of the outward manifestation of who you are, but this activity of feeling good is one way. Connect with who you are and what you enjoy and figure out if these things you do really make you come alive. I have been able to come to a place recently that the emotions inside have become whole enough that my outward manifestation has been a constant smile. That feels good and it looks good. I know there are greater ways I can do good, but we can not do good if we first do not believe we are good.
Here is my example of things that make me feel good.
1 Exercise
2 Fishing
3 writing
4 running
5 cleaning
6Really loud music I enjoy
7 going for a walk
8 spending time at a coffee shop
9 reading
10 playing guitar
11 sitting outside
12 taking a long shower
13 helping someone through a tough circumstance
14 Getting lunch with a friend
15 Going to a conference
16 cleaning my room
17 sanding wood or polishing metal
18Giving a massage
19 Receiving a massage
20 Taking a train ride
21 Counseling
22 Making list
23 Dreaming and envisioning goals
24 making a healthy breakfast
25 sleeping

If you found this exercise helpful then share your top 5 of your list in the comments so we can learn to feel good
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