why mainstream sucks: a look into restoring creativity

Ok this is for all you people that love generalities, well not really because I was  being sarcastic about loving generalities. It is interesting that I planned to write this post today because just this morning there were two other interesting articles that were posted on creativity. One of the most striking points came from a commenter that  said” All of us were created with creative potential – because we are made in the image of our Creator God.” When we don’t live up to our potential then we get this feeling that things are just not good enough. This is where we can turn back towards our created state. I guess you can call this creative restoration. 

There is a popular critique of mainstream things either it be music, clothes, toys, or fonts. We all want to have our little touch on something and I think at the core of it we want to have our creative expression acknowledged. Creative expression can happen in so many different ways and I think the one that sticks out to me the most is living a life of love to make every experience beautiful for this is when life will become a work of art. I think The mainstream critique comes from a place of not having the creative potential completely fulfilled, so we critique or extend our measures to express ourselves in a greater way.

We often get stuck in a certain formula or structure for what we like or how we live and it often takes the creativity out of things and this is why mainstream sucks. Yes this is the generality and there will be exceptions, but for the most part we live in a silver Honda civic blue jean kind of  society. We stick with what works and for the utility purpose this is good, but for the creative potential this makes us complacent and we start to loose connection with ourselves and the world. One of the biggest ways I see this decline of creativity happening is through mass production and the homogenization of culture and society.( making a norm or a standard) well sorry to break it to you folks that don’t like generality’s but this decline of creativity is because you have been generalized and told what to like by media and corporate driven interest. I am not saying that consumption is bad, but that we should creatively consume and simply by that I mean express yourself don’t let somebody else express you.

One of the most common markets that I hear critique’s about is music and admittedly I am one of the critic’s. music is easy to critique because you can easily get the feeling that you are listening to the same thing or things sound repetitive. Weather it is a beat or a plot of a song they can stop seeming creative after a while because we instinctively realize that we have heard it before. We do not want to be able to guess what is going to come next because we want something new and something creative. Unfortunately for the mainstream music industry they utilize a new sound or style until it is used up to the very end so they can get all that they can out of it and then often it will even be reused again. One of my favorite critiques of the music industry came from an artist named Gungore and he said it is pretty bad when you can turn on a song  by going to a random station on the radio and not know the artist or station and know what the song is going to be about in the first 3 seconds of hearing the song. Gungore was talking about a specific niche in the music industry but I think his point hit the nail on the head about our state of creativity. What I realized after hearing Gungore’s point was that we rely on others to get our idea of who we are or what we should create and that diminishes our personal expression of creativity and the presentation of who we are.

We have the ability to be creative because we were created with it, but unfortunately we are not tapping into it. we have value fitting in and sticking with the mainstream  instead of creatively expressing ourselves. Yes creativity takes more work and it even takes practice, but it is worth it because that is when you feel alive and connected. Restore your creativity it is worth the investment.

As I continue to grow in my creative expression and think about ways that I can connect in a more meaningful way I will encourage you to do the same by leaving  you with: 

-a question, How could you step into a new way of being creative? ( let me know I would like to listen)

-a link to a great article on the calling of creativity


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