Scars move: an interesting look at how wounds touch us

               this past week I took a trauma healing class and while in the class I was reminded of traumatic events in my life. This class was focused on the training and equipping of how to help others deal with traumatic circumstances inn their life and of course in the intention of helping and blessing others I intern get blessed and helped . what I started to notice as these traumatic scenes started to replay in my head is that they move. Some of the wounds have gotten smaller, some have gotten bigger, some have been reopened, and some have changed location. Wounds can move and transform in different ways in different points of life and if they are approached in a healthy way they can heal into a small mark that is an unique beautiful little scar. Wounds can be displayed in a variety of different ways and change in character, but scars will just end up leaving a bold mark.

               Wounds may move in physical ways, but scars can move in spiritual ways. scars have a way of connecting us with each other. “Pain is pain”. When wounds are talked about it has a way of connecting us because it is something every person can relate too. The difference in most circumstances is whether we choose to address or hide the wound.

I notice we often hide what hurts. we want to come off as strong as possible. We are taught to shake it off or to put a band aid on it and get back into the game when that is marginalizing the feelings of the person. These could be emotional heart pains or physical body wounds. Rushing somebody back into the game with a quick fix is like putting on one of those cheap bandages that do not stick and fall off every time you move. A healthy band aid will stick to you for the time needed for the wound to heal in the proper way. It is natural for a wound to heal, but if it is not taken care of it can be infected and then it will lead to more problems and a deeper issue. This will prolong the development of the scar.

               A scar is a mark of restoration and says this spot marks a story that has a past. they are often still sensitive area’s even though they look healed. The more a wound is open and closed the tougher the scar will be and the greater the callus will be on the wounded area.

When we hear or experience a touching story it is usually bringing to light a scar and a story of how restoration was produced. The ones that seem to be the most touching are the ones that cut the deepest and are the freshest. I have noticed that I do not get moved by a story or experience until hope is seen and a new beginning is pursued. I think this moves me because this is when I can see restoration.

Scars are not inevitable though. a wound won’t heal if you keep opening it or if it gets infected. There are certain things that need to happen in a healthy healing process to allow a scar to form and a strong story of hope to be developed. The most essential thing is to move past anger and denial because without this step we can not have a change in our vision. The most difficult part is getting past the part where we do not see hope. This is a normal feeling and it may be tricky to not get stuck in this elaborate phase, but it is also important to note that scars can be moving while they are being developed. Wise vulnerability can be a great tool to not only allow others to see your brokenness, but is a great technique to move towards a new beginning with the newly healed wound.

               The sacrifice that we see others make as a healer is the connection that we long for. We are created to connect and when we connect we can see a purpose behind our wound and this is what leads us to hope. The sacrifice and the hope combined is where we find that feeling of being loved

when we see somebody interceding to be a doctor for somebody that is wounded we are moved by the sacrifice. This is when we are moved because we are able to see love and the connection we long for. this is what touches us, moves us, gives us the heebee geebee’s and those goose bumps. We have to be willing to share our scars for this to happen because without this our vision can not be reoriented to hope. the process of a wound healing into a scar is something we can all relate too. There is a great connection in sharing our hurt and pain. we have wounds, but are we willing to allow our wounds to be the agent that allows others to be helped by healing in a more healthy way. Scars are healthy and they are not to be shamed, so let’s share our stories and connect with each other. let’s see scars as something to celebrate. Scars show our restoration so let’s celebrate them.

What has held you back from finding your new beginning and letting that scar heal in a healthy way?

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