the easy way to be a blessing

The blessed have a unique opportunity to bless others

There is this popular saying in our culture that goes something like, “you don’t realize what you have until it is gone”. Many people relate this to break ups, a lost job, something being taken away. As serious as these things are and how they are wounds that need to be tended too I am not sure that the popular saying is true. Now let me tell you why I think that.
When we see something as gone it shows we had possession of it and when we possess things we are often trying to live up to a standard that some person, society, culture, or institution has put in place. When we have standards then we think in the way of comparison and honestly I have been coming to believe more in the words that my dear friend wisely said to me “ comparison is a joy killer “see when we compare we don’t get to see what we already have weather it is salvation or a dollar in our pocket. This comparison blinds us.
See what we have
When we don’t compare, when we don’t possess, when we don’t live up to standards created by people culture and institutions then we can see that we are uniquely created. We have special skills, traits, characteristics, belongings, tools, and gifts. I purposely put gifts there at the end because I think it summarizes all the things previously listed to it. those things are gifted to us but more importantly with a gift we are to give it to others. I love the idea of white elephant gift parties because it is a giving of a gift that has been re-gifted. That is what our blessings are they are gifts that need to be re-gifted.

Take inventory
What has been given to you or what has aqquired? Take a look around you, don’t fall into the pessimistic ideology that says you don’t know what you have until it is gone, but take inventory. One thing that I have found to be helpful is make a physical list of gifts. This will open your eyes. It will give you joy to see what you have been blessed with, but more importantly it will give you the ability to see how you can bless others.

The opening of eyes
We can still be blind though, Even making list and not consciously taking things for granted by being appreciative, will still leave us prey to seeing what we don’t have. Blindness is something that does not have to be self-inflicted, but just coms by not stepping out of the comfortable area’s and having your eyes be opened. I was one of those that consciously try to force my eyes to be open, but things were seeming dull until I went to the Bridges Academy in South Africa. it was there where I realized I had many more gifts than I thought, I could sing, I could coach basketball, I could teach guitar, I could shoot 3 pointers. I could be me and I could be what I am where I was. These things I had been blessed with in seemingly small ways went to bless others. By small I mean really small because I am not a good singer or basketball player or guitar player. When we meet new people and step into the unknown we open up the door for new ways to share our gifts. We have to be willing to step and walk to enter in and connect, when we do this we are not only sharing but we are creating a restorative relationship. When we enter into the unknown we open up the possibility of small things being really big things. I guess you can say

it is a blessing in disguise.
How can you bless others with what you have been blessed with?

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