when life is dry pt.1 how to get through a desert

do you ever feel like you are in a season of life that is dry, not to exciting, possibly feeling directionless. Some call it depression, but I think depression is to extreme. Some call it being down or not living for much or even pointless. These of which are real feelings during this dry testing time, but instead of labeling with an extreme title of depression or a vague title like being down let’s call it a desert. When you are in a middle of a Desert you probably feel really dry and there is not much going on around you and that road seems like it is never going to end. That tempting question pops up, am I going the right way, and you start to think of other options that would lead to a road more exciting, but don’t do that.

Deserts are good
Without these dry lands we would not have things like the grand canyon with a rich vibrant river flowing through it. this great majestic river was not created by a single rain storm, but it took many years for the water to sit and work through the desert to be formed. Deserts are something to spend time in because that is where grit is formed, kind of like the rock formations in Zion national park in southern Utah. Determination, perseverance, hard work, and hope are all needed to get through the desert and when you get through the desert there will be a great character. Even though you will feel like you are suffering try to rejoice in that suffering for it will produce perseverance and from that will come character and from that will come hope(adapt from romans 5:3).
Going through deserts by yourself suck
Driving highway 10 across the southern part of the western united states can be dreadful, ask me how I know, but it does not have to be. the part between the beautiful California coast and the luscious Greenland’s of the deep south can be, well quite boring, sorry for people that live in that region. Driving on that long strip between the ocean and the Greenland can drive you crazy if you do not have somebody with you. just as we have deserts in our emotional, spiritual, psychological journey it can help keep us focused on the big picture or the promise land or hope if we have somebody with us. If our vision is clouded while we are in the desert then having another person with us will help us get through the tough dry testing period of the journey. We need to be willing to connect though. I use willing in a very purposeful way because we often dismiss people that are in a tough time or when life is dry because we do not want to get involved. Remember, Hope is much more clear to somebody when you live your life with them, so go on a journey through the desert. Check in on the next post for the second part of going through a desert with somebody and check the verse after romans 5:3to see why hope does not put us to shame.

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