Offerings & Opportunities to join with me

Partner with me, let me help you, serve you, assist you. Through many different circumstances I have learned that when you intend to bless somebody, you inherently are more blessed and provided for. When blessing others you receive a greater blessing. It would be a privilege to work with you. With this said I do believe I have services to offer, but I like to view it as a joining together.
Below are some ways that I feel I can serve you and ways that you can join with me
Life coaching:
This is a formal goal setting program that is set in creating vision, finding purpose, and achieving goals. A 10 minute assessment is provided to see if you are ready for life coaching. There is a difference between coaching and counseling.
Disclaimer: cost is more than counseling because of developmental work
1 hour: 40 $
½ day 300$ (3-4 hours)
1 day 400 $ 6 hours) contact for details
SPECIAL: name your own price
Personal counseling sessions: I believe we all have a responsibility to counsel one another because we are all given the ability to have empathy. I have been in counseling for years and have informally studied psychology for over 10 years. This counseling is set apart from other forms of therapy because it is founded in what in Kenya they call cali namay, which is to be with. I walk with you, literally if you want, and do not meet in an office. This is used to get to deep core issues with the lessening of a time and environmental restraint of an office
Disclaimer, I am not a licensed therapist, but just using my natural ability to counsel. I do not do formal diagnosis.
1 hour: 30 $
½ day 200$ (more than 2.5 hours)
1Day 300$ (4-6 hours) contact for details
SPECIAL: name your own price

Master mind
This is a group of 3-6 people. It is similar to life coaching, but uses group accountability and group thinking and reflection to encourage one another and challenge one another. There is no formal developmental work inn master mind like there is in life coaching, but is excellent for people on a journey, need people to walk with them in the journey, and are looking to get accomplishments under their belt to create influence and change that the world is looking for.
Disclaimer: if interested there is an information packet that can describe further. Long distance is welcomed
6 months: 200 $
1 year 400$
Half the cost will go to an organization we collectively agree upon, also an option to do a biannual meet up
*Monthly payments are allowed
Guest posting
Guest posting is welcomed and encouraged. I love sharing other people’s stories and work. I have a list of topics that I am looking to write on, so if you would like to contribute to those topics, please let me know. This is a great way to get your voice out there for a needed topic. You scratch my back I scratch your back
Affiliate links
I enjoying partnering and often will talk about products that I use or things I have experience. I am an avid ready and all around adventurous person, so if you have something that you would like to sell or market, feel free to contact me and we can set up an affiliate program with each other
Share, share, share
Just share with me. Like your mama said, sharing is caring. Whether it is fun news items, a conversation you want input on, or just have a question on how to do something. I not a jack of all trades but I am a jack of many trades and know or can get in contact with many people. Check out my resources page to see organizations, individuals and companies that do things that I believe are making a valuable impact and are changing the world.
Story telling
I love stories and even more I love sharing other people’s story. as much as I do it I do not like talking about myself, so if you have a story of restoration or have seen restoration taking place in yourself, close by in your community, or globally then give me a holler, let me in and let’s get excited together about vision being restored.

*** SPECIAL: name your own price
This is a plan to not leave out people based on price. I believe all services I offer should be open to all people no matter the social and economic position. I want you to be able to pay what you think you are receiving and also what you can afford. If you have never paid 100 dollars an hour on yourself for a doctor visit how do I expect you to pay it for coaching. I want to give you the best opportunity to walk away saying I value the money and time I spent. A value of mine is to value people over profit and this is one way I want to walk it out.