New Year life launch

Are you ready for 2017?
Are you ready to take the next step towards your dream life?
Are you ready to pursue fulfillment and satisfaction beyond what you could imagine?
Let this new year launch the life you dream of

I believe you need a concrete vision to make the great change you want to see

I am here to provide clarity for your life, clarity for your year, and clarity for who you are
Through a collaborative goal setting and purpose planning curriculum I believe I can give you the clarity you need to make the change you want to see

My faith in this program goes beyond my personal experience and into historical and systematic proof
The framework I use incorporates the
Power of story
A redemptive perspective on suffering
Finding community
Being a servant
Cognitive behavior tools
Strategic goal setting
Efficient task management
these are all the things you could go read about and I can provide a reading list of over 20 books for you to learn these things, but I am going to provide it to you in a this training
Transformation is only one step away
If you are slightly interested sign up and let’s see if it is a fit

Who is this for?
-I imagine a person that does not feel great about their body and is ready to make the transformation to appreciate and love the body that they live in
-I imagine a student wondering what is next after graduation that is ready to pursue a life of purpose and meaning
-I imagine a busy parent that wants to do something more than take care of children and wants to make their mark on the world beyond their home
-I imagine a business owner that wants to connect with customers with a purpose and service that is top notch
-I imagine a dreamer that has been told that their dreams are too big and am ready for somebody to show them that they CAN be the change

It has been backed with science and now practice that we are more efficient and productive when we work with purpose
Our lives have meaning, but often we get caught in comfort zones
I believe we can creatively connect with your inner passion and purpose to create a legacy life

I have a big picture perspective with a small picture vision and I am here to help you connect the dots to make your year the best year ever
I have done the mundane life, I have had the life without vision, and I have had the life without purpose
But I found it
I have found a vision, I have found a purpose, and now I am ready to serve you to help you find yours
I have studied the science, different methods from many different teachers, understood different practices and cultures, and I have learned how to make effective change.
I am on the journey of making change and pursuing my dreams just like you are
So will you join me and create a greater sense of purpose and meaning in your life
RsVP by emailing this email address with how many people you are going to bring and your goal

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing the great things that are going to come from you in 2017