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Hi my name is matt and you are beloved, like that is your name and that is who you are.
Pardon me for making assumptions, but I have been on a quest to find meaning, figure out who I want to become, pursue my passion, and the only thing that has allowed me to do this full heartedly is through being the beloved. Martin Luther King talked about it as the beloved community, Toni Morrison talked about it as a name of a book, and now I am talking about it as the name of you and I. what I want to promote to others is that our identity can not be defined by what we do or what has been done to us, but instead by who we are. This is the theme of my upcoming book being the beloved child.
Being the beloved child is a core value of mine and an identity that I want to promote and live from. This has propelled me into an area that really excites me and that I have become passionate about. While sitting behind my restored 1970 barracuda at a car show I had an epiphany that restoration is a theme for my life. This is the personal restoration that I talk about in restoring my vision. The ability to find purpose, reconnect with your passion and pursue your vision. I have been on a 10 year journey of having my vision restored. It has been long and dreary, tough and painful, confusing and delightful, mischievous and enlightening, growing and hopeful. I have learned so many different aspects of restoration and it is my goal to share them so we can restore our vision together.
I can not say I would not be where I am if I did not enter this journey of restoration, but I really would not be here. I may have gone to college where I did and I may have majored in black studies and I may have still pursued a life of justice activism, but I would not be present with those things in a way that they would impact me. The difference I have come to find between the hypothetical and the real journey is that one is defined by what I do instead of who I am. For all intensive purposes I know who I am, but I am still asking the question who do I want to become.
Right now the things that are shaping me are this writing project that you will hear me talk about quite often as the release date of the book gets closer, my graduate studies in developing community, restorative counseling and empowerment coaching, and my continual pursuit of restorative and racial justice. At the core I am a people person and there is nothing more that makes me come alive than walking with somebody through transformation, being a part of redemption, and helping people be the change they want to see.
Some skills I believe I have are:
Conflict resolution
Ideation and question asking
Vision caster and communicator
Critical awareness
Empathetic listening
Organizational development
Strategic planning

To get away from the mess of life I really enjoy Ocean fishing and restoring classic cars. During my dead brain time of day I exercise, so usually around 330 you can find me in the gym a few days a week. It’s no secret that I might drop a few bars in you are around me, not the kind that keep you from driving the car, but the kind will keep this story going far. I like a beat that is slow and sticky like tar cuz I need my words to sink in before I get that par. I hope you stick around for a while fly far cuz the birdie is always better than the par.
Join with me and I will help you see your vision can take you far.

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