What do you need to share: a poetic encouragement

come share your story
nobody can tell you what to feel or what your experience is. you are equal just as I am. we are made of the same skin cells, we all fell and searching for the same well. my heart beyond writing the last post about being authentic was to get us to be in touch with how we feel. I want us to be real. the way we have been created is in mind, body, spirit and heart and if we leave one of them out it is not the whole deal., kind of like an off shade of teal I am afraid we hold back. the desire for authenticity does not lack. the freedom and opportunity to share our experience are note there , so they pile up like a big stack.

you are equal , so I put myself on the same plane of equal rights. ignorance and lack of education of you impair my sight. I think you have a story worth sharing , just like each star in the night. there may be pain , anger, frustration or rejection; with a crying heart I plead come share with all your might. I know it feels awful , I can’t take another topple , but your bravery will be beautiful. we need it, we miss it, it’s a secret that we want it.
so come share your story observe how you feel, come be real, I got your back , we all need a protector as we heal. layers get peeled away with our prayers because you know you have somebody that care’s. pain it sticks like distain, the feeling lingers swims through your vain until it becomes crippling like a cane. wash me clean, forgive me don’t make me mean, the past delivers us to the present and we do not want to be seen
I know the vulnerability , but I ask for you to come share your story
rain can wash away the stain, your existence does not have to be its Bain. look at the them, the problem, the blem the ish of society, but remember your propriety. it starts with you for there is no us without you. the innovation of this nation begins with your own restoration
we all have reservation, but your voice has beauty, your voice has power, your voice can build a tower
what do you need to share, , do you have a tare, will you take a dare? All these questions to sort through, all for what a lonely stare.
I am calling you out. Lori, tori, Cory, everyone in-between come share your story
what do you need to share about?
I am going to share about depression next time. what would you like to share? come share on this space i want to open up for you to share.