Will Frozen continue to melt hearts: see how our need for forgiveness is displayed in Frozen

            Now that the song “Let it go” is engrained in our minds by either the little children around us singing it nonstop or the hundreds of different versions of it on You Tube, it is undeniable that Frozen has hit a phenomenal level. With the movie release upon us and after the first day of being on sale it sold 3.2 million copies. now , I wonder how lasting the phenomenon will be. whether it will continue to make it into homes at the same rate that it has been consumed while in the theaters. The ability to experience the movie all over again vicariously through the soundtrack allows the connection from Frozen to be felt in a continuous way. Folks that are sucked into the witty, warm, authentically real entrapment that the movie have been stirred emotionally, mentally, intellectually, and for me spiritually. After seeing the movie the first time I left the theater wondering if a Christian screen writer wrote this movie. Yes I know Jesus was not in the movie and it can be picked a part in many ways for having worldly influences in it, but I felt like this was the closest analogical illustration of forgiveness and graceful reconciliation that I have seen in a while. I think this is what will make this movie a lasting mark on the people they have been encapsulated by Frozen.


          The title of the hit song “Let it Go” says it all about the way people are connected with the movie. It hits home with people. we all need to forgive and should forgive others just as we have been forgiven. forgiveness is freeing just as you imagine letting go would’ve. You do not have to follow Jesus to know this about forgiveness because we have all experience in some small way, but yet we still keep coming back and wanting more of it. We all want forgiveness because without it we don’t have relationships that are strong and restorative. forgiveness is the foundation of restoration and without it we are just in isolation like the queen and the princess.

          So here are some things we can learn about forgiveness from Frozen, maybe you will be able to relate to some of these and see that your stirring during Frozen was not about a princess being swept off her feet but about the need for forgiveness in your life.


  1. Things that we need to forgive are often revealed to us by unintended actions by others
  2. Forgiving yourself is important but not as important as knowing you are already forgiven
  3. To forgive, we need to see where the other person is coming from and not think that our way is the best way
  4. Meeting someone in their pain does not mean confronting their pain
  5. Forgiveness is a state of heart, it is something that does not have to be stated
  6. Reconciliation and restoration can not happen unless you have forgiven
  7. It is best to have somebody walk with you through the path of forgiveness
  8. Receiving repentance from the other person is easier achieved when accepting the person and their pain as one
  9. Our past hurts compound if they are not dealt with
  10. Pointing out how big of a problem the persons hurt is causing will make things worse
  11. If the motive for reconciliation is not selfless then it won’t work
  12. Sacrifice is the best way to start the path of reconciliation

          One of my favorite lines in the movie was “the mind can be cured but when the heart is hit then it can be deadly”. I think this is so true and why forgiveness is in such demand. we often get hurt but we often forget to do the work to restore the relationship. what happens to the heart can not be undone and that scares us so we build walls. luckily those walls can be broken down, but it is going to require selfless sacrificial action. this is what accomplishes reconciliation and restoration. Unfortunately the movie did not touch on these themes too long, but I hope for this in the supposed sequel movie.