yearly project: a question a day

I am not sure if you have noticed, but the past few post that I have made have been about asking questions. I explain how I came to value questions in the post” importance of asking questions”, so if you are interested how I have been able to see this project evolve in my life check it out there. This project that I am introducing will consist of questions I have come up with this past year. I believe questions are good and healthy and fruitful and fun. I secretly hope that my kids are those young children that ask ridiculous and seemingly stupid questions. there is something about asking questions that takes you back to the early stages of life. maybe it is the endless imagining of a particular scenario when somebody asked who would win batman or superman. Maybe it is the development of the deep wonderings of the meaning of life. however simple and however complex there is no question that is not worth taking the time to answer. Questions are sometimes like a shooting star, they come they go and they are hard to grasp but when you get a good one they can really impact you. With the desire to live a more impactful life, I documented a question a day for the past year.
I may have done this project for myself, but it is not my intention to keep it to myself. I think questions are great and I want to share them with you? not only will I want you to share your own questions, but I will want you to choose your favorite questions so that myself and other contributors have a chance to expand upon the questions. in addition to my own voice I am going to make a hard push to have guest writers share their views as well. hopefully this will encourage and push us to ask more questions in a faithful and humble way that will make us greater learners and wonderers. To start the project I will release 1 month of questions and I want you as the reader to pick and share your 3 favorite questions and the forth coming month I or a guest writer will write on that question to further the conversation. I look forward to see how we can grow through this. Just looking over my initial questions it is cool to see how I have grown in the questions I ask and how I ask questions over the time when I started this project. My question asking starts off a little shakey and uncomfortable, but I guarantee it gets better, but there is no time back guarantee.

1. How do we completely forgive our dads in the freeing way that gets rid of bitterness and anger?
2. What does it look like to die to ourselves
3. What does a journey with no limitations look like to you?
4. Why is it hard for us to tell others we have been hurt
5. What has your father made you
6. How do we describe hurt?
7. What if we found our worth in Jesus
8. What if we asked what if more often
9. How do we payback with blessings when we have been wronged
10. Why is it so hard to tell others we have been hurt
11. How do we manifest the beauty of gods character?
12. Do we listen to our dreams
13. How are you angry at god?
14. who do you need to inquire with about the way they have hurt you
15. What does it look like to not impose your way onto somebody else
16. What identified you when you were younger
17. What identifies you now?
18. How do you love your dad
19. How does your dad love you
20. How do you experience god in the moment to moment?
21. What does the gap between what you are able to do and what you choose to do look like?
22. What if our minds were not trained to consume?
23. Are there questions you can ask somebody to see if they are a kingdom person?
24. Do you want things that you can not offer
25. What if we were able to freely talk about our idols?
26. Do you get mad at somebody for something they did without seeing if it is a trait you carry?
27. Do you put an unhealthy level of emphasis on being and doing something purposeful
28. what does your vulnerability with people show you about your vulnerability with god in your life?
29. what or who are you a master of and how does that reflect your relationship with god?
30. Do you mourn for non-believers, if so how deep?
31. Have you had something taken away, if so how has that changed your response to how your life your life?

Can i be real? Ya be real, be real real

We are taught as little kids that hide and seek is a great game to play as a pass time, but what I have realized is that we have internalized  that game with who we are. we hide ourselves behind facets that detour the direct resemblance of our heart. we always hear about drugs and alcohol  and even adultery as the go to things to describe this illusive behavior. in the beginning these things may be used in a manner to try to find out who we are. we hide behind many things  in our pursuit to find out who we are. our societal and cultural norms have promoted us to hide in fashion, body image, career, luxury and many other things. for me it was my relationship status, acceptance by peers and maintaining my work levels  to a standard that was made by others. this may not be too different from any other twenty something year old that is going through college, but that is just it. People see it as a small issue and it is not. when real authenticity of who we are is what we have wanted all along but we are not getting what we want and I will even argue need.

So how do we find real authenticity, well that has to come from relational experience, but first you have to be real with somebody else. As Cali Swag says in teach me how to dougie “you do you and imma do me,” so the question is left how are you going to do you. the real you the authentic you. for me I am writing this in hindsight so I can see what has helped me to see what had helped me worked towards being real and authentic. 

1.  See your heart 

Our hearts are deceitful  and misleading and knowing that about your own personal heart allows you to look at each particular situation from a place that requires you to look at your intentions  and motives.

2. Having others around that see you for you 

As I was sorting through this  self-emergence I had a dear friend ask me important questions and challenging characteristics of my identity. sometimes it takes another person to realize who you truly are and they can help the process. relationships with other humans, and maybe some times dogs, can be a mirror that reflects back to us who we are and give us helpful insight

 3. Attacking the lies

Finding objective truth is something hard to take on in this post, so I’ll save that one for a different time but there are lies that we believe that are not true. these lies trick us into believing that we are not worthy or that we are not valued so we try to make ourselves worth something. by creating  that illusion of worthiness we create a mask that we hide behind and make that search for authenticity that much harder. It is much easier to be real when you know what is true about yourself.

4. View through the lens of brokenness

We as humans have a tendency to not look at our faults or downfalls which leads to the mindset that we are good and we start to believe that we are inherently good. in acknowledging our brokenness we are able to take the position of humility and see that our hearts are not as good as we think they are, but it starts with seeing ourselves as broken. 

Being real and authentic is tough and is hard to do. I do not claim to know everything about it but I am here to share my experience as I continue to grow deeper in my authenticity. one thing that I do notice when I come into contact with authentic folks is that it seems they know something about themselves. I am not talking about that they are a good student or that they have memorized every lyric off the Beatles sergeant pepper album, but that they know they are loved. it’s not that I ask them if they know they are loved, but I can sense it in how free they are. They know what is true about themselves and they do not need to seek anymore. They know they are I’ll  leave you with a question what is holding you back from being authentic?

Remember: “be real, be real real”( unknown)