If not for Second Chance’s by Philippe Lazaro book launch promo

hey friends,
so my dear friend Philippe wrote a book that is magnificent. I had the honor and pleasure to be a part of this journey and write the forward for the book, which i will put below so you can get a taste of what it is about. if you know you want to buy it before even reading the forward the link is right here. enjoy the epilog and the book. i am confident you will enjoy it and have a few laughs.


So I went on a road trip with this guy name Philippe. It was the tail end of our trip and we had just visited Multnomah falls in northern Oregon, which was really pretty and majestic and all those things that falls are. We hit the road after that for a long trek to make it all the way to Sacramento, ca, so Phil is settled in driving after just seeing the water falls relaxed and happy that he was able to get his camera off for the last big thing of our trip. About an hour and a half later Phil sees some flashing lights behind him. I am as well relaxed just enjoying the drive and he starts to slow down, so I ask what’s going on. Well I would have my answer about 30 seconds later when a highway 5 patrol officer comes to our window and explains to Philippe that he was speeding and he was going to receive a ticket. Now I am not here to spoil the story you are about to read, so I am telling a story he did not share, whether he likes it or not( if it makes the print version then that means he did not mind). I am also not trying to tell on my friend, but I am using this as an example of when I have seen and experience Philippe process his second chance. He truly was bummed and he had not intent in speeding and was an honest mistake, but he was able to take this negative experience and not let it affect him because he believed he had a second chance. To borrow a term from Victor Frankel, Philippe has a redemptive perspective on his suffering. After asking Phil if he was bummed and letting him process what happened I realized he had accepted his second chance when he got his camera back out to take a few more pictures while driving. Well I think that is all I can add to this story as the co-pilot, so now let me tell you what you are getting yourself into.
Second chances… I wonder about all those times if I would have done that differently or if I would be different if I would not have done that. Earlier in my life I often would catch myself asking why does this have to happen to me or what is next, as ways of expressing frustration and hopelessness with the way I viewed my life. it kept me on the edge of my seat, but not in the good way. it was the worrying kind, you know the kind that drains life. so this story of second chances is something that I can really resonate with and not just because of my hopeless stories from my past, but because this second chance life is something that takes effort every day of my life. I would have no other person explain second chances than Philippe. He himself is a unique individual, but his story is even more unique and resemblent of what happens when you take a chance.
as a dear friend of Philippe and a partner in this adventure I can say that you will find nothing short of authenticity and genuine thoughtfulness. I do not say that to give my friend a boost or to make myself sound good since you will probably learn a great deal about me as well as Phil, but I say it because his words display a desire of connection. connection with you as the reader, connection with god, and connection with himself. Phil allows you to walk with him, but I think his goal is more for him to walk with you. this is a story about his journey, but more importantly it is an invitation for you to take a journey, so put on your reading boots and get ready to discover life as a second chance.

Behind these pages you will find this book has the exquisite illustrative resemblance of Through Painted Deserts by Donald Miller, but the delightful eloquence of Walter Mitty. this book by no means is just for hipsters, but those that see life as a second chance an want to live it to the fullest. the search for a second chance is something that we all search for and we all long for. you will get taken through the joys and the burdens of second chances, but if it were not for those journey’s where would we find hope. the experiences of living with 7 other guys and a dang cute dog will allow you to see that there is always something to persevere through. this was so cleverly done that it seemed like you were traveling alongside Philippe the whole time. the collaboration of the two experiences will allow you to see the character that has been built and shaped through this redemptive process.

For me restoration is a big theme of my life, which is essentially making the old new or bringing hope and life back to something that did not have it. in our day to day lives we can get caught in fog’s or desert’s where life just does not seem to make sense and you feel lost, but once you make it to the other side of that fog bank or desert then we are able to look back and make a choice of wanting things to be different or accepting the tough journey you just went on as it is. it is said hindsight is often the clearest sight, but looking forward is the most joyful. the last part I added but I think it is fitting for us to realize the gratitude and appreciation for life that comes from seeing life as a second chance. a second chance is something that we have to grasp because if we do not it will just pass us by and the only way we will be able to grasp redemption is by grace, so without giving out anymore idea’s about second chances I will allow you to enter into the adventure that Phil is about to take you on. Do not forget your reading boots.

and now if you want to buy it here is the link again

my second chance: how I came to believe in redemption and restoration


a chance is always given, but is it always taken. a second chance can only be made a send chance when it is accepted, received and enacted upon. I would say there are better second chance’s than others some may find their second chance in drugs, school, rehab, but the one second chance that will not have to make you look for another one is Jesus. I did not know that right away when I was looking for my second chance. You see I was only able to get through my onset of my disease that would soon make me blind because of the strength that I found in my sister. at the age of 16 when most kids would be getting their driver’s license, going on first dates, winning championships, getting good grades to get into a good college, getting their first job. well those things were not able to happen for me. I did not have the mind set or the adherence to take this push back in stride. as a teenager that was still forming his identity I took this as a step backwards instead of asking myself what can I do with this, I asked myself what does this make me. to my friends at the time felt it made me lesser of a person because well they left me. at first emotionally, but then physically. I had already been battling not being able to do things the way I had before. I was pretty much lost in school, was not useful at work, hockey team could not use me, I did not know what to do at home, and girls that I desired wanted nothing to do with me.

I was grasping for something to give me a hint of life to keep me above water. I did that, but I did it to a point where I was just getting through the days, not caring to much about life, disregarding it had any meaning, but just caring about feeling good . I thought I found my second chance when I met this girl that I feel head over heels for. I thought I found meaning and reason for my disease. it was to led me to this girl. it was my second chance that was going to redeem all my previous relationships and finally find someone that would accept me for me. well that fairy tale did not come true. Some the next 11 months I was heartbroken over that girl and continued my voyage of trying to feel good and keep my head above water. to sum up the next 2 and a half years, I spent it trying to find my second chance in girls, mainly one abusive one that I kept giving the better part of my heart too. needless to say my second chance efforts were wearing thin. I had become desperate in my efforts to find a girl. I had never been a spiritual person, but I always felt life had more of a meaning that what I was being raised to believe, even though spirituality  was not a big topic in my house I still could not break away from this idea that things happen for a reason and there is meaning for what happens in life. my pursuit of girls had distracted me from thinking about this any deeper and once I met “the” girl my mind and heart was just focused on pleasing her, sweeping her off her feet, and making sure she did not leave. well I was successful in that, but little did I realize there was a meaning and purpose for being with her because she had played a role in my drawing near to Jesus. I would soon find out when I would move away to go to UCSB and Jesus would finally show me it is time to give my life over to him. this was the beginning of my second chance, but I did not yet realize it. I was still learning that I was accepted and did not have to try to be anything or do something to please anybody which included god. I think acceptance is the basis of a good second chance. my second chance was built on finding meaning for all the things that happened earlier in my life. the loss of friends, not being able to drive, not being able to go away to school and play hockey, all the heart breaks, the emotional void I had with my parents. there was all a purpose for those things. they were intricately woven to make sure I knew I was deeply and long fully thought about and loved. it took a while for me to understand this, but once I did I started to make sense of all the things in my life. the biggest thing I realized though in this process is that this second chance is not a fresh start or a reboot, but it is a sort of redemption. I still had all the things that happen to me in the past and the impact that it will continue to have on my life, but I was now able to see that the second chance allowed me to put a new meaning to those things that happen to me. this had not only allowed me to be grateful for the hardships, but it allowed me to view and love people in a different way. I was hopeful which is something I could never say before. I was able to find meaning and purpose in my life like there was a reason for me being in Santa Barbara, me having the major I did, and meeting seemingly random people. living this life full of meaning did not only give me peace and hope for what was once broken, but it allowed me to life for something other than myself. I saw others and the reason that I am was to do something bigger than what I wanted to do earlier in my life. something bigger than playing hockey and sweeping girls off their feet. it was to make known this restoration and redemption that happened in my life and show others that they are surely loved. I was able to see where I was at had a reason, where I had been had a reason, and where I will be will have a reason. the only question that is left is what am I going to choose that reason to be. that is the thing about a second chance, it is a choice and you have to choose it and you are responsible for that choice.

the choice that I am making now is to love my past, to love my core, to love myself, and to love my god, so that I can love others. I am a firm believer in the restoration process that I went through. my impairment has allowed me to be prepared to invite others into that process, so they too can have justice with their past. I would like to be able to join both of these things together and teach and implement a restorative justice program that redeems sociological and personal problems, so that others can have hope too.