welcome to the opening of my house

Hello friends

Welcome and I thank you for visiting my house,. even though this is not my home I do look forward to welcoming you all into my life through the sharing of my writing. my house is not much to show you at the moment, but I will be adding many additions. Mi casa su casa. Come in make yourself at home and stay a while. i will be sharing much of what makes me, me, and i would like to be able to share and celebrate what makes you, you.

Here on my website you can find me writing about relationships, adventures, growth, development, activism, change, transformation, restoration, and justice. I value restoration and we all need to have things restored whether it is restorative justice, restorative education, environmental restoration, the restoring of relationships, or personal restoration of the heart mind and soul. our vision can often be clouded by many things whether it is a bias opinion or a clear case of just not being informed.

I would like to think I have some unique life experiences that share a special perspective on those things. I like to challenge myself and challenge others in their pursuit of growth. I have struggles and need help just as the least of us do, so your involvement in my blog writing and life pursuits is much appreciated and  encouraged.

My goal is to be as real as possible in my writing, but also to be loving and informative. As I will commonly say, I am human and I am broken and faulty, so I may speak from a place of ignorance or uninformed, but my intention is to put an idea or perspective out there to share with others whether it may be right or wrong. I encourage feedback and challenge flags to be thrown, but please be respectable towards the other readers and myself. I am somebody that is continually looking to learn and this is something i would like to promote, so please be informative and constructive with your input. However i will allow clear forms of sassiness to take place in a friendly manner.

I understand it is hard to not come into this blog and ask what am I going to get out of reading this, but it is going to be your input and participation in the conversation that is going to bring life in to this blog. If there is a topic you would me to bring up or that you would like to speak on in your own setting then please let me know and I would love to have you share your voice  in starting your own conversation. I want you to feel open and willing to share your opinion and life perspective. I enjoy and even prefer to share other peoples stories and perspectives, so please join and share.

My intention and desire for this blog is for this to be an area that is resourceful and encouraging and out of that I hope conversations can take place. This would be a place to gather for folks from all walks of life. my desire is to give and share  what I have had the privilege to experience and to have others join in with the contributions of their experiences. 

Much of my own writing will be based around my own personal experiences with restoration and the transformation of my own vision. Much of my world view has been shaped by my faith that has been developed as I have grown in my faith the past 3 years as I have followed Jesus. I think it is important to seek a life with a deep sense of purpose and meaning and I think we all have different ways of finding those things. so let’s share perspectives, stories, opinions, resources and help each other restore our vision.