the importance of reaction and time in your reaction time

what’s your reaction time like?

in drag racing it is all about your reaction time and how you get off the start line, so it is essential to know how you are going to react when you see the light go green. most of the time you have to be prepared to go before the light goes green because it happens so quickly. well I was able to experience this for the first time this weekend because my dad and I attended a drag racing event that allowed us to race our car with passengers, which is unheard of. our reaction time got tested later in the day on the way home when our hood came flying up and ripped off the hinge because the pins that hold the hood down were not in.
after the incident happened with our hood I was reflecting on how important reaction and timing is when facing troubling circumstances or trauma. I am not saying the hood popping up and dislodging from its hinges was traumatic but it was something that we were not ready for and it was startling. If we reacted in an irrational way then we would have done something that would have been much more dangerous. When something happens to us that startles us we need to know how we are going to react. We can not know every circumstance in our life but we can know our selves. How do you handle stresses or something that pops up all of a sudden and catches you off guard. Often our response can be worry, anger, denial, frustration, or even fear. if we know why we react the way we do then we would have a better idea what our reaction might be.
the reaction time is a process. Just like in drag racing there are multiple steps that take place before the most important part of the race is over with. You do not just go up to the light and hit the pedal when the light goes green. There is preparation that needs to happen before hand, then there is patience, and things to test, and then having the right time with the pedal and light and it still is not over after that. Well it is pretty similar to the things that catch us off guard and scare us or hurt us. We need time to process. There are things we have to go through to make sure we take care of the upsetting event, so that we do not crash and burn.
The reaction time is not just the short time after the big event happens. Your reaction opens up the depth of how the event has impacted you. signs of unhealthy reactions would be if you just blow off the event as if nothing happen or the devastation of the hurt goes on for a long period of time. When we burn ourselves we react really quickly but the pain from a bad burn last for a long time and we have to constantly keep nurturing the wound. Well the same thing happens when something surprising happens, like a hood flying off a car. Slow down pull over assess the situation and see what you need to continue on to reach your goal. There will be damage and battle scars, but once things are assessed and you are able to get rolling again then you process what happen and figure out the things that upset you or the things that you are grateful for. In our case we were happy the hood was fiberglass and we were able to put it back on and carefully drive it back home and talk about the damage that was done.
Here are some steps from my reflection:
1 take time to know and understand how you are going to react . it starts with knowing and understanding yourself, so that you are prepared
2 be gentle when something startling happens
3 stop, take some time to assess the situation
4 check in with your goals and see what you can do with what you have to start working towards that goal
5 fix what you can, but don’t do an overhaul.
6take some time to process find the positives and negatives
7 reassess the damage at a later time

The battle scars and shock are not gone after the dust settles. A startling event will have left reverberating damage, we will have to be honest with ourselves in the how and why we reacted the way we did. once we see the why the when, how and what do not seem as intimidating or scary. Reaction times vary person to person and situation to situation, but one thing is clear that the more time you put into understanding the reaction time the better the race will go. This does not mean there will be no pain or hurt but means the damage will not be as catastrophic. The Cuda(the car my dad and I built) sustained only minor damage to the paint and the hood will have to be repaired. It will take work to get back to where it was before but it opens the Dorr to learn many more lessons.

a theif on the cross: restoring my vision of grace

There is a student that knows she has a test coming up and she is a good student and a hard worker so she studies ahead of time. She is prepared and goes to class the day of the test and she walks in a the other students in the classroom are doing some last minute cramming before the teacher comes in. the teacher comes in and says I hope all of you are ready because we have a test today that will determine whether you pass or fail the class, I hope you are all prepared. The professor instructs the class to not turn over the test until after all of the test are passed out so it is fair to everyone. After a few minutes he passes all of them out and while this is happening the girl is very confident that she is going to do well because she was a dedicated hard worker that was diligent with her work, so she is expecting to do well on the test. When everybody received the test the professor told the class to flip over the test and on the bottom of the test the girl read “ all the answers are filled in correctly for you, you have received 100 percent on the test, and all the work you have done is good in my eyes” all the students had the same thing written on the bottom of their test and they all looked up at the professor with astonishment and the professor said to them “ your professor has already done the work for you, there is no extra credit needed, no answer that is going to be more correct than the ones that are already on your answer sheet and no matter the amount of work you have done you will all have the same grade” the students were overfilled with joy
This past weekend this story was told to me and really helped restore my vision of grace. I come from a background where the word grace is not commonly used and is hardly lived out. You can imagine coming to understand grace may take a bit of time for me. I think I had sort of a break through this weekend if that is even possible with grace, but it was really helpful in clarifying what love is. Grace is one of those things that I think we will never fully know and experience. We may say we have experienced it or that we know what it is, but I question if we can say those things in their full capacity.
I have another story it is about 3 people being put to death for something they did. depending on what side you are on you would argue that some were innocent or guilty. All of them were revolutionaries in their own regard and as they were all there awaiting their death two of the persecuted convicts said something to the other convicted person. They each said something different. Person 1 had mocked person 3 because he thought he had enough power and strength to get himself free and out of the dire situation and person 2 said to person 3 remember me. 1 was mocking and 2 was pleading for help. person 3 had said to person 2 you will be remembered and because of the plead person 2 was accepted for eternity. If you could not tell already this is the story of Jesus on the cross. I do not want the focus to be on Jesus, though.
The other two people being put to death had two different responses in their last words, in the place where they could do no more in their life or try any harder to face their fate after their time on earth. each of them knowing this and from what is known they understood who Jesus was, but yet both of their responses were different. When a sacrifice was made for the sake of restoration one person was ignored and the other was brought into paradise. This man was convicted of a crime and in the last hours of his life he was accepted into eternal life. some may say he got the easy way, but I say he received grace.
This grace that is given when it is not deserved is what I hope my vision can be restored to someday. If I am honest I do not see grace fully in that way yet. This grace shows me that I am fully justified and thought about. All the prayer rituals and bible studies are just add one’s in know the restorer in a deeper way. Just like the girl that studied for the test, she had received the same grade that the students had received that were studying for the test right before class. For her benefit she had a greater knowledge of each component that the teacher was going to test her on that allowed her to see into the core of the teacher’s purpose. Just like the students that did not study or the man being put to death next to Jesus we need to recognize that we do not deserve what was done for us and even when we are staring death in its face we can call out for help and ask to be remembered. You have the choice to accept or deny the restorer. Seeing grace from the vantage point of these two stories has really helped my comprehension of grace and refocused my vision on returning to my heart to its original state.
When you are faced with the test what are you going to do?