daily lessons 2013: idea’s, teachings, and experiences in valuing life in a greater way

Last year at the beginning of April I decided to log a daily lesson per day. I was inspired to do this by my friends photo project. I wanted to be able to capture a part of my day each day that left an imprint on me through something I heard, learned, or experienced that caused me to value life in a greater way. At the beginning of each month I will be releasing the coinciding month. These are lessons from the year previous, so this will be April of 2013. 

April 1: it is better to often talk about the impact of somebody else’s story than to talk about your own story “ 

April 2: “an inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered

April 3: the recognition of one’s own possessions as not their own  is the beginning of the distributing process of blessing”

April 4th: we always have to be ready to surrender our comfort, desires, and pleasures to bless others”

April 5:  there is not an absolute formula to share the gospel there fore there is not an absolute formula to live the gospel  

April 6 petty arguing is cute especially when it is done between old people “ 


April 7th:  letting the holy spirit guide your words is so freeing  and effortless, it just feels so natural like it was what we were created for. 

April 8th if you have a good idea write it down, good ideas are not worth forgetting” 

April 9th: I wonder what Jesus felt like walking around Jerusalem and seeing all the people far from god with their idols in other things than God “ 

April 10  there is no formula for liking somebody or specific or magical reason for wanting to be with them, but just what attracts you to them and your reason for loving them

April 11: Jesus is our friend and we often forget that gift, so we should pray for it. 

April 12th:  so many blessings of gifts and wisdom are for god to show us he loves us, it is  proof he provides love (

April 13 the culture of Christianity and what it means to be a Christian  are often misunderstood  and it is our duty to live a life that corrects the misunderstanding because we as a communication to God’s lost people

April 14  just because you have words to say does not mean that they are going to helpful or show you are caring

April 15:  use critique sparingly, but walk with people constantly

April 16: to hear from god requires a quieting of our desire to have god tell us our future, but instead a greater understanding of who he is  and desire to hear him instead of trying to know what is going to happen in our life 

April 17: when we fear something before we even take action, we are disallowing ourselves to see God’s faithfulness. 

April 18th:  we are commanded to follow Jesus in the same way that he tended to the flock of sheep

April 19th the relationship with Jesus is something that is under preached and is not referenced enough so be relational, 

April20th  joy is contagious and it gives strength

April 21: sometimes I wonder if I am just one phone call from my knee’s “

April 22: passion is contagious, so be passionate and others will follow and be excited for what you are doing

April 23: it is quite easy to give a blessing, just tell somebody to have a blessed day, often a blessing is just waiting for us to open our eyes and see that it is in front of us

April 24thhearinga  laugh of a loved one is very under rated, 

April 25th: just being you are seeking righteousness does not mean something is going to work to favor your immediate situation

April 26th: be real, be real real son

April 27th:ourselves often get in the way of allowing us to be who we really are due to our of our self-focus

April 28th: the idea that time fixes everything is a cop out to see God move in your life and to go to him 

April 29: just do it, like Nike. Big things happen by just starting something and allowing others to join with you. 

April 30th: truth is something that needs to be used specifically, but love is something that should be used constantly

Can i be real? Ya be real, be real real

We are taught as little kids that hide and seek is a great game to play as a pass time, but what I have realized is that we have internalized  that game with who we are. we hide ourselves behind facets that detour the direct resemblance of our heart. we always hear about drugs and alcohol  and even adultery as the go to things to describe this illusive behavior. in the beginning these things may be used in a manner to try to find out who we are. we hide behind many things  in our pursuit to find out who we are. our societal and cultural norms have promoted us to hide in fashion, body image, career, luxury and many other things. for me it was my relationship status, acceptance by peers and maintaining my work levels  to a standard that was made by others. this may not be too different from any other twenty something year old that is going through college, but that is just it. People see it as a small issue and it is not. when real authenticity of who we are is what we have wanted all along but we are not getting what we want and I will even argue need.

So how do we find real authenticity, well that has to come from relational experience, but first you have to be real with somebody else. As Cali Swag says in teach me how to dougie “you do you and imma do me,” so the question is left how are you going to do you. the real you the authentic you. for me I am writing this in hindsight so I can see what has helped me to see what had helped me worked towards being real and authentic. 

1.  See your heart 

Our hearts are deceitful  and misleading and knowing that about your own personal heart allows you to look at each particular situation from a place that requires you to look at your intentions  and motives.

2. Having others around that see you for you 

As I was sorting through this  self-emergence I had a dear friend ask me important questions and challenging characteristics of my identity. sometimes it takes another person to realize who you truly are and they can help the process. relationships with other humans, and maybe some times dogs, can be a mirror that reflects back to us who we are and give us helpful insight

 3. Attacking the lies

Finding objective truth is something hard to take on in this post, so I’ll save that one for a different time but there are lies that we believe that are not true. these lies trick us into believing that we are not worthy or that we are not valued so we try to make ourselves worth something. by creating  that illusion of worthiness we create a mask that we hide behind and make that search for authenticity that much harder. It is much easier to be real when you know what is true about yourself.

4. View through the lens of brokenness

We as humans have a tendency to not look at our faults or downfalls which leads to the mindset that we are good and we start to believe that we are inherently good. in acknowledging our brokenness we are able to take the position of humility and see that our hearts are not as good as we think they are, but it starts with seeing ourselves as broken. 

Being real and authentic is tough and is hard to do. I do not claim to know everything about it but I am here to share my experience as I continue to grow deeper in my authenticity. one thing that I do notice when I come into contact with authentic folks is that it seems they know something about themselves. I am not talking about that they are a good student or that they have memorized every lyric off the Beatles sergeant pepper album, but that they know they are loved. it’s not that I ask them if they know they are loved, but I can sense it in how free they are. They know what is true about themselves and they do not need to seek anymore. They know they are found.so I’ll  leave you with a question what is holding you back from being authentic?

Remember: “be real, be real real”( unknown)